Business Incentives

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Downtown Macon is already 青鹏棋牌 to over a quarter of the region’s jobs. Businesses are attracted downtown for a variety of reasons including the ability to walk to dozens of restaurants for lunch, proximity to vendors or clients, and the ability to attract and retain talented young workers. There are many incentives to help you open, move or grow your business downtown.

Loans and Financing

In 2015, Founding Chair of NewTown, Dr. R. Kirby Godsey, launched the NewTown Initiatives Fund with a generous donation. This fund is a combination endowment and line of credit. With this fund, NewTown is able to consider a wide variety of loans, including business loans. Check out the Business Lending section of our website to learn more and apply.

to apply.
operates a loan program that can be used for tenant build-out or improvements by a property owner. Terms are generally 10 to fifteen years, with an interest rate of 2%. The program is limited to 40% of project costs and $200,000 and requires the participation of a private lender. Download the application.

Tax Incentives

Opportunity Zone

Several locally-designated are located in downtown, and most properties are eligible to be added to an . Businesses located within an OZ are allowed a job tax credit of $3,500 per net 2 new full-time jobs (subject to other restrictions). This credit can be carried forward up to ten years and applies first to income tax liability, then to withholding.

Equity & Venture Capital

Thanks to a 2016 grant from the Downtown Challenge Fund at the Community Foundation of Central Georgia, NewTown Macon expanded our business support to include a venture capital fund for businesses seeking to open, expand or relocate to downtown Macon.  Equity investments can be structured as convertible debt, fixed priced options or traditional equity.  If you are interested in soliciting an equity investment, the process is the same as applying for a business loan. Simply visit our business lending webpage and select that you are interested in offering NewTown an equity stake. Our staff and business loan committee will process your application, and if appropriate extend an equity offer to you.

is an experienced team of business investors whose goal is to empower entrepreneurs in Middle Georgia with angel funding. To apply, you must have a business plan, your idea must be ready for market, you must have a customer base, you must be invested personally and your idea must have the potential to grow. You can learn more and apply for funding on .